• Josep Gonzalez

    Very impressed with the quality and selection of products at shineoneled. I purchased a light fixture for the living room. Their stylish design blends perfectly with the interior and the bright light creates a great atmosphere. Many thanks to the team at shineoneled for their excellent service and quality products!

  • Sofia Loran

    I am very happy with my purchase from shineoneled! Their LED lights are awesome. I have noticed a significant reduction in my electric bills due to their energy efficiency. Plus, the light they emit is very nice and bright. I recommend everyone to contact shineoneled to upgrade their lighting!

  • Column

    I really like this product. The way it looks and everything else, I am especially in love with the black color. The watch is also fine, even the speaker is not that bad. But the wireless charger is not that fast. It charges fully, but not fast. I would highly recommend this product for the bedroom.

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We specialize in selling modern home goods with unique design. They are perfect as a bedside lamp or decorative decoration for your home, as well as serving as a charger for your phone and music for a romantic atmosphere.

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